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As a writer Melissa has the agility to move between forms as the occasion requires. She has written numerous funded grant applications, web content, marketing materials, fundraising appeals, award-winning PSA Radio campaigns and film notes and event, video and documentary scripts.


Melissa takes the time to document the essential, the tenuous and fleeting moments that speak to the texture of our humanity and document the pulse of our human experience.  


This is true whether writing an event proposal or introduction to a film,

advertising and catalogue copy or letters to the editor, a press release or thank you letter


Melissa is currently at work on two books of creative non-fiction, one a series of essays exploring the nature of place titled Sky/High Desert, and

the companion book to her documentary film, “Be Home Soon” which explores the themes of war and faith, the currency of memory and family legacy. Melissa began work on the War & Faith book as a Fellow at the Women’s Leadership Institute at Mills College. She was a regular contributor to the Blog fiftyisthenew and currently writes occasional Lifestyle columns for The Bluegrass Situation.

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